• XM eDrum Proceed Series ZP-5S Kit

XM eDrum Proceed Series ZP-5S Kit


  • The Snare drum has 3 sounds: Hoop, drumhead and rimshot. Hoop and drumhead can be programmed independently.
  • The first Tom pad, second Tom pad and Floor Tom pad each have one drumhead sound, which can be programmed independently.
  • The bass drum has a single drumhead sound.
  • Crash cymbal has both surface and choke functions.
  • Ride cymbal has surface sounds.

  • Drums and cymbals can work together with a Roland V-drum module if necessary.
  • Expand your kit, as the drum module supports up to 14 drums or cymbals.
  • Five different complete drum kits available to play: Standard, Jazz, Latin, Dance and Rock.
  • Comes with an extremely user-friendly graphic module interface.
  • The bass drum comes mounted to the unique XM Rack Steady Bass Drum System, which ensures no matter how hard you play your double bass pedals, it never moves.
  • Including the drummer’s sitting area, this entire eDrum kit takes up 120cm x 120cm of space.

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Item Details Quantity
Drum Module XM-5S x 1
10″ Electronic Pad XEP10 x 2
8″ Electronic Pad XEP8 x 3
XCRP11 Electronic Cymbal XCRP11 x 3
Hi-hat control pedal XCP x 1
XM Full Body eDrum Rack XMRS-ZPS x 1
BD (Bass drum) Pedal PEDAL x 1
Set of cables XL9 x 1

Dimension and Weight

Item Details Quantity
Box of Stands – A 114cm x 28cm x 17cm 14.3 kgs
Box of Drums – B 60cm x 31cm x 30cm 9.2 kgs

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