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The XM Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skin A-NX1 allows drummers to take their acoustic drum kits and transform them into electronic drums. In just 30 minutes your average sounding drum kit can sound like one of the best drum kits in the world – and it will still feel the same when you’re drumming. XM eDrum mesh head drum skins feel like real drums, which means you can seamlessly transition between your acoustic drum kit to a digital drum kit and not notice the difference! XM’s drum sounds are taken from premium quality acoustic drum kits. You’ll feel like you’re playing a real drum kit, but with so much more to offer in the way of flexibility and variety of sounds. Power up with XM eDrum!

  • Comes with 5 standard eDrum sets (POP、ROCK、FUNK、JAZZ、EFFECT). Sound quality has been improved over previous modules. Reverb effects have been added to create smoother sounds.
  • Each eDrum’s volume and sensitivity can be adjusted, which means you can make more unique sounds to suit your needs.
  • The eCymbals have surface, bell, choke, and edge functions, which can each individually output MIDI values. This is much more convenient when working with recording software.
  • You can set the Hi-Hat’s Open/Close level by yourself, and then the NX1 will calculate 1/4 open and 1/2 open levels based on your playing habits. You can also output its MIDI values.
  • There are 6 training modes to help strengthen your drumming skills.
  • You can now turn On/Off each eDrum’s individual rim sound.
  • Set-up your kit quickly and easily with XM’s brand new 20-pin cable set.
  • The NX-1 module has the ability to expand one extra eCymbal.
  • Save user settings that even after a factory reset won’t be lost.
  • Your module’s display screen graphics are easy to understand and use, even without its user manual.
  • The NX-1 module can be linked to a PC via USB, improving the transportation of MIDI signals.
  • A built-in mixer offers the choice of sound output from main, phone, or both options.
  • With fast recording and auto-save, you won’t miss anything you’ve played.


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