• XM eDrum Zen Series Kit

XM eDrum Zen Series Kit


- Play on 5 completely different drum kits: Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, and Effect.

- Volume and sensitivity are fully adjustable for each eDrum.

- eCymbals have Choke, Edge, Surface, and Bell sound functions.

- The Hi-Hat cymbal has an Edge sound function.

- Users can define the Hi-Hat’s open/close levelsviaa more detailed MIDI output.

- 6 Different Training Modes will strengthen your drumming skills.

- Individually turn each eDrum’s Rim sound On/Off.

- Set-up quickly and easily with XM’s new 20-pin cable set.

- Expand your kit, as the drum module supports up to 10 eDrums or eCymbals.

- Save user settingsthat won't be lost even after a factory reset.


Item Details Quantity
Drum Module XSM-NX1 x 1

10" Electronic Pad

XEP10 x 5

XCRP13 Electronic Cymbal

XCRP13 x 1
XCRP11 Electronic Cymbal XCRP11-BELL x 1

XH6 Electronic Hi-hat

XH6 x 1

XM Full Body eDrum Rack


BD (Bass drum) Pedal


Set of cables

XL20P x 1

Dimension & Weight

Item Dimension Weight
Box of Stands - A 70cm x 23cm x 30cm 11.5 kgs
Box of Drums - B 45.5cm x 37cm x 55cm 10.5 kgs

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