• XM eDrum Classy Series Kit
  • XM eDrum Classy Series Kit
  • XM eDrum Classy Series Kit

XM eDrum Classy Series Kit


  • There are twenty complete ready-to-use standard drum kits to choose from, plus ten ‘user’ kits for drummers to create their own sounds.
  • Volume, sensitivity, PAN, MIDI, pitch, and tone functions are all fully adjustable for each drum, plus a sub-tone function is also available.A common example for how the sub-tone is used is by having your bass drum trigger a second bass guitar tone when you kick the drum.It’s as though a bass player is accompanying your drumming!
  • The XM-110S module has 30 built-in songs for you to play along with, making practice time much more fun.
  • The XM-110S module contains an MP3 player as well as a USB flash drive port,so you can play along to your favorite songs.The module also provides various EQ modes to choose from.
  • There is a ‘REC’ (Recording) function so you can record your creative performances any time you play.

  • There is a ‘Rim’ button allowing you to easily turn on/off the snare drum’s rim sound.
  • The‘Metronome’ button allows you to quickly turn on/off the metronome,which is equipped with digital lights to help you identify the speed of a beat.There are five different clicking sounds to choose from.
  • You can download Wav files for drums and/or cymbal tones straight from your PC to the module via an SD card.So then you can program your drums with any sounds you like!
  • A built-in monitor mixer allows the music (Mix in) to be output via speaker (Main out), through your headphones (Phone out),or by both outputs simultaneously. This is an excellent tool for stage performances.
  • The XM-110S module’s user interface is very easy to use. The majority of buttonsare located on top of the module casing,thus making operation simple for drummers while playing.
  • AUX1, AUX2, and an Auxiliary Output port offer you the ability to change drum kits synchronously, or to instantly turn on/off the metronome.
  • Expand your kit!The XM-110S drum module supports up to 19drums or cymbals.

Includes: 12 drum/cymbal inputs (6.3 Jack), Midi output,Main out, R/L output, Mix in input (3.5), Phone out output (3.5),USB to PC port,USB to MP3 port, and an SD card slot.

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Item Details Quantity
Drum Module XSM-110S x 1
10″ Electronic Drum XED10 x 2
12″ Electronic Drum XED12 x 3
18″ Electronic Bass Drum XBD18 x 1
XCRP13 Electronic Cymbal XCRP13-G x 3
XH8 Electronic Hi-hat XH8-G x 1
XM Full Body eDrum Rack XMRS-CPSR x 1
BD (Bass drum) Pedal PEDAL x 1
Set of cables XL9 x 1

Dimension and Weight

Item Details Quantity
Box of Stands – A 86cm x 86cm x 15.5cm 24.4 kgs
Box of Drums – B 87.5cm x 37.2cm x 56cm 23.5 kgs
Box of Plus Stand – C 87cm x 52cm x 15cm 11.2 kgs

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