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Drum Modules

◆Comes with an extremely user-friendly touchscreen module


◆You can download Wave files from your PC (transferred by

    special XM software) and program your drums with any

    sound you like.

◆Faithfully reproduce the gradual change between soft and

    hard drum hits.

◆Cymbals have Choke, Edge, Surface and Bell sound


◆The XH7 Hi-hat has a special 9-trigger controller, giving

    drummers the true feel of real hi-hats. These hi-hats can be

    ‘Choked’ as well as performing heel and toe ‘Foot splashes’.

◆Most drums can have up to three sounds, while the majority

    of cymbals can have up to 4 sounds.

◆You can adjust the metronome to beat in an extensive

    number of rhythms and speeds.

◆There are eight complete ready-to-use standard drum kits

    to choose from.

◆Tones on each drum can be tuned to your liking, and you

    can upload any new sampled sound.

◆The majority of drums have the option of three sounds,

    which can be set totally independently from one another :

    Drumhead, Hoop and Rimshot.

◆The XSM-9S Edrum Module comes fully equipped with

    professional MIDI capabilities.

◆You get two Output jacks, and one Input jack. So, one set

    of headphones will allow a drummer to monitor an entire

    stage or band.

◆This Edrum module allows CD, MP3, iPod players etc.

    to be connected into the Input jack, so you can play along

    to your favourite songs.

◆The XSM-9S Edrum Module can work together with drum

    modules from any other brand.

◆This top of the line Edrum module can support up to 14

    drums and cymbals via Y-cables.



Jack Features

1. Trigger 6.3 mm Stereo Input x 9

2. CD In 3.5 mm Stereo Input x 1

3. Phone Out 3.5 mm Stereo Output x 1

4. Main Out 6.3 mm Stereo Output x 1

5. MIDI In Port x 1

6. MIDI Out Port x 1

7. USB Interface x 1

8. AC Power Input x 1

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