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Classy Series

Snare drum, first tom, second tom and first floor tom all have three sounds, which can be programmed independently: Hoop, drumhead and rimshot.

Second floor tom has 1 sounds: Drumhead.

The bass drum normally has a single sound, but in Jazz and Rock modes a harder kick can be programmed (via sensitivity levels) to trigger a second separate sound.

Under ROC and JAZ mode, you could do the layers/levels on drums, and bass drum could have 2 sounds on drumhead discriminated by dynamics (hard beat and soft beat).

Comes with an extremely user-friendly touchscreen module interface.

You can download Wave files from your PC (transferred by special XM software) and program your drums with any sound you like.

Faithfully reproduce the gradual change between soft and hard drum hits.The 9S module has the unique ability to adjust a drum trigger’s tone, as well as its volume. This actual sound of the Edrum can be altered for when you hit harder or softer, not just the loudness of the sound. This is akin to how an acoustic drum skin’s actual tone changes when you hit it harder.

2 of the 3 cymbals have Choke, Edge, Surface and Bell sound functions. The third cymbal can be used with Surface function.

You can play proper ‘Foot splash’ techniques on the hi-hat.

The hi-hat cymbals have Surface, Bell and Choke functions, and can be set in 4 positions: Full open, half open, ¼ open, or fully closed.

The module’s metronome can be altered to play a large number of sequenced rhythms http://www.xm-world.com/images/2011_series/jpg/series/notes.jpg.

Expand your kit, as the drum module supports up to 14 drums or cymbals.

The bass drum comes mounted to the unique XM Rock Steady Bass Drum System, which ensures no matter how hard you play your double bass pedals, it never moves.

There are eight complete ready-to-use standard drum kits to choose from, perfect for a fusion style drummer.

Including the drummer’s sitting area, this entire Edrum kit takes up 160cm x 130cm of space.


Kit Configuration

Drum Module


x 1

10" Electronic Drum


x 2

12" Electronic Drum


x 3

18" Electronic Bass Drum


x 1

XCRP13 Electronic Cymbal


x 3

XH7 Electronic Hi-hat


x 1

XM Full Body eDrum Rack


x 1

PLUS Stand


x 1

BD (Bass drum) Pedal


x 1

Set of cables


x 1

Dimension and Weight

Box of Stands - A

86cm x 86cm x 15.5cm


Box of Drums - B

87.5cm x 37.2cm x 56cm


Box of PLUS Stand - C

87cm x 52cm x 15cm















Golden and Silver cymbals for you to choose, surcharge required.

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